In the alleyways of Old Sana’a

I love old Sana’a. Every town has its mythology. Sana’a traces it to Shem, son of Noah. Sana’a is more than old buildings, it is a culture, a way of life, and a distinct piece of the jigsaw that makes up Yemen. In the good days this was a total community. Every neighborhood had a garden/allotment, a mosque, and a turkish sauna. Today the water shortage threatens the whole area.


10 comments on “In the alleyways of Old Sana’a

  1. Surreal,dreamlike,beautiful…glad you were able to capture the Yemen we all love! Good execution,good lighting. Simpler times, that remains a treasured memory …

    • you sound like you haven’t been back in ages.. do you?

      • Almost 8 years 😦 i am just dying to go back

  2. I was never in Old Sana’a. Thanks for showing me a part of my country I’ve never seen. A bit like Verona but even more beautiful.

    • you are most welcome madame ulfatak

  3. Absolutely beautiful… Thank you for reminding us and showing off our beautiful country.

    • Thank you.

  4. old Sana …amazing walls and windows of history no other human civilization can claim have experienced…

    …captivating…beyond comparison…

    watched thrice…

    have saved it …will come back again…soon, InshaAllah

    hamdulillah, beautiful people…beautiful places…Allah has truly blessed Yemen

    thanks 🙂

  5. Love the ‘Leave a reply without raising my blood pressure’!

    Watched this and thought God I’m missing Yemen so much..Old Sanaa is just Breathtaking! Thanks for posting this, you’ve taken me back to some good times.. 🙂

    • I loved taking 3asr walks on my own from busy tahrir to the Old City.. the quality of the light and the weather that time of day in that place sticks with me.

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