6 comments on “The Difference Between £8/1MB and £8/10MB Is About £1600

  1. A great post! Please keep writing your amazing holiday posts on your experience in Egypt. I love reading your work. Hope you have a really good time with your friends & family.

    • Hello Sarah! How’s your growing pangs coming along? Long time eh? Thank u very much for reading and letting me know you liked it 🙂 it’s been an eye opener .. If you haven’t been , you should, not just Cairo but all of the Middle East.. What one knows and what one thinks he/she knows are almost always different..

  2. Hi ya! The part about Saudis/Khaleej raised my blood-pressure to a very unhealthy level. Same dirty games like in Yemen. These people behave like the successors of the former colonial powers. Yuck! Definitely yuck!
    Your phone bill? sheesh! Maybe they will accept deferred payment. In Spain I threatened the kids with death penalty if they would switch their phones from fly mode to normal mode.

    Great description (as if I physically was being there) how u felt when u escaped from the buzzling streets into the calm peaceful mosque and that u reacted cool and relaxed to ur bill. That is the quintessence of religion and belief, and the place where u pray to god is a refuge from the atrocities of daily life.

    U ended up at MC? LOL, same happened to us after our red-eye flight to Spain, after a sleepless night and still so much time to spend unless we could get our hotel room and sleep….we were clueless running around in the city, and I felt not strong enough to cope with a Spanish tapas bar. When we saw the golden arc from far we nearly ran for it. MC the harbourage for the baffled globetrotter. :-))

    If I ever plan a trip to cairo, I feel fully briefed now….when it comes to Egytian taxi drivers.

    At last: excellent pictures (as always). Remember what I told u about magic places in Yemen? While looking at the pics I feel like breathing the spirit of centuries. Extremely Magic, you captured the vibe in your pics: spiritual, peaceful aura.

    P.S.: You should have checked the night club, for investigative purpose of course.

    Keep safe. Hope your Mom and Dad are doing fine.



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