10 comments on “A Yemenite Bed Time Story

  1. Love it ya Noti! There’s gotta be a part two though, as I’m now hung up in suspense 🙂

  2. DEAR Yemeniabroad,,,I would like to ask a help.
    I am willing to write “collect-gathering” yemeni folk tales…I need traditionals tales,,very traditional..and yemeni to make kids book in english!! I searched google in both A and Eng,,but I didnt find what I mean.
    Im not in Yemen, I m from yemen-south ares-Hadramut,,I can gather some from my mother but I need from the other goverments.
    Can you tell me where to find,anybody could help me? I can send them my email to send me their suggestions stories>
    My project is about preserving our folk tales.
    Living away from yemen, so that I need to make sure of every thing I will add to the book.I need people sure that it is yemeni tradtiotnal story.
    need folk tales with valuable contents for kids and youth.
    I was thinking to ask people on twitter as well after gathering as much as I can from other resources.
    Thanks in advance

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