6 comments on “So I never forget. This recording stays in my blog

  1. Thanks for posting this Noti! I just had to comment! This was deep, to fully feel everything Hend says; you have to listen in silence ==> Close your eyes and just listen. Teslamee Ya Hend..

    • I listened. and deeply. I didn’t like it. it hurts. and more than hurting, it makes me angry. sure the world did not listen. but we are not their problem, lets be honest about that. What really hits me very hard is the fact that Yemenis did this to Yemenis. and the yemenis that did this are now getting rewarded with ministerial positions and pardons. there is no bigger fuck you than that.

    • Yes of course you may reblog. I don’t know if you picked up on it but this recording is a reblog of @dory_eryani’s . I found it very moving and I kept it as a reminder. Perhaps you can mention it to dory as I feel cheeky for giving permission for something that is not mine but I think she wont mind.

      • Thank you so much for sharing! I have asked Hind too, I didn’t give her too hard a time that she is with the elections so she agreed too.

        Great blog!


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